Frank Barillas A Scammer of Good Guy Remodeling

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    This guy is the worst kind of scam artist artist. Scammer do not trust Hi trust him. No integrity stole our money is me. Dumped trash on our property from his other jobs. Intentionally did not cover our roofSo it would rain in our houseHe caused us more than $40000 damage. The Attorney General of Oklahoma should investigate this guy. Calls his company good guys remodeling to sucker people into believing hes not a liar. He doesn’t believe hes required to abide by his own contract that he wrote up and web site signed. He failed to pay the subcontractors on the job. The very worst kind of fraud to steal all the money of a homeowner when they take out a loan on their house to remodel it and run off with their money leaving them with a shell of a house To be damaged every time it rains. Do not trust Frank Barillas With good guys remodeling he will rip you off. Horrible quality of work even worse quality of human being Frank Barillas Is the worst kind of con artist. What a scumbag. Thief! Arrest him for felony fraud!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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