Terra Antiqua

Terra Antiqua is a registered plugin for the software QGis that enables reconstruction of paleogeography. It simplifies the reconstruction process by using the graphical user interface of QGis. It provides a complete set of tools to edit Digital Elevations Models (DEM) for paleoreconstructions based robust algorithms geared to manipulate geographic features generating maps for different time slices.

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Quick user manual ( see also detailed manual)

Terra Antiqua takes as input present-day topography and bathymetry rotated back to the age of the desired reconstruction with continental blocks using Gplates. Four primary tools enable to make the reconstruction:

Secondary tools enable to enhance the reconstructions:


2023-04 Publication on Terra Antiqua

Aminov, J., Dupont-Nivet, G., Ruiz, D. and Gailleton, B., 2023. Paleogeographic reconstructions using QGIS: Introducing Terra Antiqua plugin and its application to 30 and 50 Ma maps. Earth-Science Reviewsp.104401.

2023-04. Presentation at the EGU meeting

2022-05-05. New videos on the Secondary tools by Diego Ruiz

2022-05-05. New videos on the Primary tools by Diego Ruiz

2022-04-30. Terra Antiqua linked to map.paleoenvironment.eu by Thomas

2021-12-13. Talk on Paleo-geography at the AGU

Eurasian paleogeographic reconstructions for Cenozoic climatic and biotic evolution (invited). AGU Fall meeting, Session EP14B Reconstructing Mountain Belt Tectonics and Climate; Diego Ruiz, Thomas van der Linden, Fernando Poblete, Jovid Aminov, Douwe van Hinsbergen, Mustafa Kaya, Niels Meijer, Alexis Licht, Pierrick Roperch, Carina Hoorn, Frederic Fluteau, Delphine Tardif, Yannick Donnadieu

2021-05-13. Application of Terra Antiqua to Future Earth:

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